ASF Pool Rules

Austin Storey Farms Homeowners Association Pool Rules

Only association members in good standing who are current in the payment of their assessments with no outstanding architectural control violations on file may use the pool.

Each family/household is limited to a maximum of two (2) guests, excluding immediate family (parents, siblings, and children) and must be accompanied by a homeowner. Please be sure to take all trash with you.

No guest is to be given the code to the pool for any reason.

No children under the age of 16 unless accompanied by an adult resident.

Events must be submitted and approved by board two weeks prior to the event and limited to three hours. The pool will never be closed to other homeowners when an event is taking place. All preapproved events will be posted on the website and pool calendar for other homeowners to view.

No glass bottles or dishes.

No food on the deck area of the pool. Food should be eaten under the pavilion.

No tobacco products around the pool deck. Please smoke outside the gate area.

No pets.

No diving or horseplay around the pool.

Use of pool toys, balls, and rafts, must be used in consideration for others using the pool.

No person should swim alone. This is for your safety.

No loud music or abusive language.

Appropriate swim attire is to be worn on pool grounds. This is a family environment. No cut-offs will be permitted.

Swim diapers must be used on infants that are not potty trained.

The pool closes at 10:00 pm. Please be respectful of other neighbors.
The pool gate should be kept closed at all times.

If bathrooms need attention, please notify a board member.

Please leave chairs stacked to prevent strong winds from blowing them during a storm.

Please be sure to turn off all lights and fans and make sure toilets are flushed before leaving the pool area.

Austin Storey Farms Homeowners Association is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Any damage to the pool or pool area must be paid for by the responsible party.

Pump rooms are off limits to all unauthorized personnel.